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Randy Edsall on James Franklin's boasts: 'Talk is cheap'

Maryland's head coach responds to Franklin's claims of regional dominance, and it looks more and more like a rivalry is brewing.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

When it was first announced that Maryland would be leaving the ACC for the Big Ten, a common complaint was the loss of rivalries, particularly in basketball. With the conference move now just weeks away, it appears more and more that the hoped-for Penn State-Maryland football rivalry may be a reality.

Some background -- former Maryland offensive coordinator (and head coach in waiting) James Franklin, currently the head coach at Penn State, has talked some mighty big game in the months since his hire. He's said area opponents "don't stand a chance," and claimed that Maryland and D.C. were "in-state" recruiting areas for the Nittany Lions.

Maryland's head coach has now responded, after asked about Franklin's comments at an event in Pennsylvania.

"We're not gonna boast and brag. We're more about substance at Maryland," said Edsall, a 1976 Susquehannock High School grad. "We're gonna find guys that fit the profile we're looking for. We're gonna worry about ourselves and not worry about anything else. Talk is cheap."

Shots fired! Maryland, of course, sports a 1-35-1 all-time record against the Nittany Lions, last defeating Penn State in 1961. The two teams have not played since 1993, however, so things could be different when they face off on November 1 in Happy Valley. Get your popcorn ready.