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Maryland is returning the highest percentage of yards to their offense in the country

With eight of 11 starters returning, Maryland is poised for a big offensive season.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

A new chart reveals that Maryland has the highest percentage of yards returning to their offense this season in the country. The Terps are bringing back eight starters from a year ago, including the top eight rushers and eight of the nine leading receivers. The chart highlights that Maryland is bringing back an incredible 97.49 percent of their offense.

Here are those teams that round out the top ten according to Phil Steele's analysis:

% of Offensive Yards Returning



% of Yards Returning

#1 Maryland 97.49

#2 Akron 94.49

#3 Washington St 94.36

#4 Iowa 92.79

#5 Army 92.63

#6 Memphis 91.47

#7 UTSA 91.00

#8 Michigan St 90.86

#9 Connecticut 90.04

#10 Old Dominion 88.79

So what do these numbers say about next season? This percentage says that almost all of Maryland's production is returning. The top eight rushers will still be on the roster, not even including the addition of Wes Brown, who was suspended last season, or Marcus Leak, who missed the season as well.

Quarterback C.J. Brown is returning for his sixth and final season at Maryland and brings along his experience and production. Last season he was responsible for 54.6 percent of the offense and even after missing two games due to injury.

The receiving corps brings back all of their weapons except for tight end Dave Stinebaugh. Stefon Diggs and Deon Long both were responsible for a combined 22 percent of the offensive production despite both players missing the final six games of the season.

Last season, Buffalo returned the most yards to their offense and they fared well with an 8-5 (6-2) mark including a berth to the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. Of the top ten teams in returning offensive production last season, seven made bowl games -- which won't prove to be an easy task in the Terps' first season in the Big Ten.