Bilas perspectives on Seth

After reading thru everybody's comments we're all dealing with this but yea this hurts and it sucks. I am glad we got the blog here for a little group therapy, humor, rants etc. I saw this article by Bilas on our situation and felt he shared solid perspectives about college basketball's culture becoming a culture where "transferring" is becoming more and more commonplace. He did say Seth was or is the type of guard "who requires the ball in his hands all the time [to score]" which is somewhat telling. Anyway here's to hoping the new guys can come in and are able to give it their best shot and maybe there's a silver lining where though we lost a good chunk of gold we do end up finding some fire. I've attached a poll and invite you to offer your reason you feel Seth's decision is or isn't likely a good decision for him at this point.,0,308324.story#ixzz30gyOttwq

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