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Profiles in Terpage: Undray Clark

In which I steal a lot of material from Pete to take a look at a Florida speedster who hopes to hit the field running for the Terps in 2014. (And because Dave, let's say, provided some extra motivation for me to do a few of these.)

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE

Undray Clark, Junior (RS), CB, #26


Height: 5'9"

Weight: 195

Twitter: @NoFlyZone_26

Collegiate Stats: Two games played

High School Stats (Senior Year): 72 tackles, five interceptions (two for touchdowns), 218 receiving yards and three touchdowns, two kickoff returns for touchdowns

247sports composite Ratings: Two stars, 114th-best safety in the nation, 229th-best player in Florida

High School: Felix Varela Senior (Fla.)

Hometown: Miami, Fla.

High School Highlights:


How'd He Get to College Park?

I’m guessing by air because Miami is a long haul on the road. Felix Varela is by no means a Florida high school powerhouse that will send large numbers of players to Division I. But it is a Florida school and a quick internet search turned up Felix Varela Vipers at Kansas and Connecticut in addition to Maryland. While at the school, Undray Clark was something of a star, helping lead the Vipers to their playoff appearance since 2006, recording those stats listed above after dislocating his finger in the first game of the season. Clark hails from Florida and apparently the Maryland winters are only somewhat to his liking. Since Pete wrote his PinT last season (much of which I plagiarized for this edition), Clark has put on five pounds but is an inch shorter.  His lead recruiter was former defensive coordinator Don Brown, and he received scholarship offers from Duke and Minnesota.

Profiling the entire team

Clark redshirted his freshman year, and received two scout team player of the week honors - one on defense and one on special teams. He played in two games last season, but did not record any stats.


Undray Clark "Kent"

Career Highlight:

The state playoffs and scout team player of the week awards immediately come to mind. He also made the travel roster for the three games in 2012.

Dream Season:

Clark emerges from his Undray-the radar status and sees some playing time on special teams with fellow Floridian William Likely. He is currently listed third on the depth chart at cornerback, where he provides some additional depth behind Alvin Hill and Jeremiah Johnson.

2014 Prospectus:

Clark has some significant talent in front of him all over the defensive backfield. In addition to the aforementioned Hill and Johnson at one corner, he’d have to contend with William Likely on the other side of the field. At free safety, Anthony Nixon heads the depth chart  followed by Zach Dancel, a transfer from New Mexico who will look to break in with his hometown team.

Clark, according to Volk’s write-up last season,  has a ton of speed. Thus, even if he doesn't get much playing time in the defensive backfield, he's certainly an option on special teams. While the Terps have a plethora of possible return men, they will probably want to limit the exposure of Stefon Diggs so could be an option on the kickoff team.

Up Next:

Our next player was a star quarterback in high school who missed the entirety of last season with an injury.


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