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Men's Lacrosse All-American teams 2014: Four Maryland players receive first-team honors

4 Terps were named to the 1st Team, while one received second team honors.

Rob Carr

Earlier this afternoon the USILA (United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association) named the Division I All-Americans. A first team, second team, third team (Yes, a third team), AND honorable mentions. That's just way too much. Anyhow, the big news on the Maryland side is that 4 Terrapins were named 1st team All-Americans - Mike Chanenchuk at Midfield, Goran Murray at close defense, Michael Ehrhardt at Long Stick Midfield, and Niko Amato at goaltender. Charlie Raffa was named to the 2nd Team as a FOGO. Here are the full teams

1st Team


Lyle Thompson - Albany

Miles Thompson - Albany

Jordan Wolf - Duke


Connor Buczek - Cornell

Mike Chanenchuk - Maryland

Deemer Class - Duke

Tom Schreiber - Princeton

Long Stick Midfield

John LoCascio - Villanova

Michael Ehrhardt - Maryland


Kevin Massa - Bryant


Joe Fletcher - Loyola

Goran Murray - Maryland

Stephen O'Hara - Notre Dame


Niko Amato - Maryland

2nd Team


Matt Kavanagh - Notre Dame

Kieran McArdle - St Johns

Kevin Rice - Syracuse

Justin Ward - Loyola


Miles Jones - Duke

Pat Laconi - Loyola

Jeremy Noble - Denver

Chad Tutton - North Carolina

Long Stick Midfield

Michael Pellegrino - Johns Hopkins


Charlie Raffa - Maryland


Scott McWilliams - Virginia

Brandon Mullins - Syracuse

Jack Reilly - Johns Hopkins


Jack Runkel - Loyola

3rd Team


Wesley Berg - Denver

Mark Cockerton - Virginia

John Glesener - Army

Joey Sankey - North Carolina


Ryan Creighton - North Carolina

Jesse King - Ohio State

Zack Losco - Penn

Ben McIntosh - Drexel

Long Stick Midfield

Luke Duprey - Duke


Brendan Fowler - Duke

Tyler Knarr - Georgetown


Chris Hipps - Duke

Maxx Meyer - Penn

Tanner Scales - Virginia


Brian Feeney - Penn

Austin Kaut - Penn State

Gunnar Waldt - Bryant

Here's the honorable mentions and that glut of players: All-American Honorable Mentions

Duke led the way with 6 All-Americans (not counting HM's), Maryland finished 2nd with 5, and Loyola came 3rd with 4.

My thoughts on the selections

  • I thought the first team attack was fair, as was most of the first team. I would have Myles Jones or Pat Laconi on 1st Team Midfield instead of Tom Schreiber, though
  • Charlie Raffa should be a 1st Team All-American. Kevin Massa certainly had a splendid year for Bryant, but Raffa had the 2nd highest FO %, in the toughest conference of the nation, and dominated Massa individually.
  • I'm not sure about Chad Tutton on 2nd Team Midfield. He only had 28 points this year, less than Losco and McIntosh, and was less influential for his team. Losco or McIntosh deserve a spot on the 2nd Team
  • Pretty hard to beat that 3rd Team, eh? They have 17 players!

Overall I think the selections were fair and the USILA did a very solid job in my opinion. But cut down on the number of players next time, please?