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Report: Maryland assistant Bino Ranson will not be hired as Coppin State head coach

The Washington Post is reporting that the Maryland assistant was not selected as the next head coach of Coppin State.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

In the words of Professor Farnsworth - "Good news, everyone!"

Maryland assistant coach Bino Ranson, who was a finalist for the Coppin State head coaching job, has not been selected by the school's search committee, according to Alex Prewitt of the Washington Post:

Ranson, who was maintained from Gary Williams' staff by Mark Turgeon when he accepted the job at Maryland, was one of the five final candidates for the position at Coppin State. The job seemed like it could be a good fit for Ranson, who is considered a great recruiter in the Baltimore area, having formally coached at St. Frances Academy.

Maintaining Ranson is obviously good news for Maryland, who is already trying to replace recently departed assistant coach Scott Spinelli, who took a similar position with Boston College a few weeks ago.

Turgeon recently hired former Jacksonville head coach Cliff Warren as the new director of basketball operations, replacing Dustin Clark, who moved up to an assistant after Dalonte Hill resigned.

Ranson should now be able to help Mark Turgeon focus on replacements for the recently departed Seth Allen, Shaq Cleare, Nick Faust and Roddy Peters, likely in the form of transfers who won't use up a scholarship beyond the next two seasons.

So, not all of the news today is bad!