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Profiles in Terpage: Rashid Conteh, Michael Washington, J.T. Ventura

Our series continues with Maryland's walk-on defensive backs.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Rashid Conteh, Senior (RS), DB, #38
Michael Washington, Senior, DB, #33
J.T. Ventura, Freshman (RS), DB, #24


Height: 5'11", 5'9", 6'1"

Weight: 195, 180, 195

Twitter: @SheedClutch10@Ventura500_, none found for Washington

Collegiate Stats: Conteh played in eight games last season

High School Stats (Senior Year): None we could find

247sports composite Ratings: N/A

High School: T.C. Williams (Va.), DeMatha (Md.) and Hollidaysburg Area (Pa.)

Hometown: Alexandria, Capitol Heights, Hollidaysburg

High School Highlights:

How'd He Get to College Park?

Conteh ran track at T.C. Williams, which you may remember as the inspiration for Remember the Titans. He also played a bit of football as well, ending up at Oklahoma State (and making the Big 12 Commissioner's Honor Roll) before transferring to the Terps.

Washington joined the team last season from DeMatha, and is the only player from the local power currently on the Terps' roster. Ventura, like Conteh, ran track in high school, setting school records in the 55m and 60m dashes.

Profiling the entire team

Conteh played in eight games with Maryland last season, almost entirely on special teams, but recorded no tackles. He was named scout team special teams player of the week prior to the FIU game, and was named scout team defensive player of the week the year before prior to the William & Mary game.

Williams was named scout team special teams player of the week prior to the Virginia game, and Ventura was redshirted last season.


"Sheed," "D.C.," "Pet Detective"

Career Highlight:

Making the team.

Dream Season:

Getting on the field and recording a tackle.

2014 Prospectus:

The spring depth chart had Conteh listed as a third-string safety (behind Sean Davis and A.J. Hendy), Washington as a second-string corner (behind Will Likely and in front of an injured Jarrett Ross) and Ventura as a third-string safety (behind Anthony Nixon and Zach Dancel).

Conteh's probably the most likely to play, if only because he's the only one who has seen the field so far. Hendy is a very strong second-string safety, but he'll likely spend some time as a dime back in wider sets, opening up some opportunities for the Oklahoma State transfer. Washington may have had a chance before Denzel Conyers's commitment to the Terps, and the best chance for all three of these guys still remains on the special teams unit.

Up Next:

Our next player was a late addition to Maryland's class, committing minutes after receiving a scholarship offer from the school (and on the same day as a decommitment at the same position)


Daniel Hamilton joins the tie.

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