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Ice cream flavors for every B1G team

With Maryland getting a new ice cream flavor for their conference move, it's only fair the other members of the B1G get their own.

Martin Hunter

Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun posted a story Tuesday afternoon pertaining to Maryland's plans to commemorate the long awaited move from the ACC to the Big Ten.

Mostly it'll include a marketing campaign with signs, contest and all that kinda stuff, but one note, buried in the middle of the article like the nougat inside a delicious candy bar, caught the attention of many...


This got us thinking. If Maryland is going to get their own conference-themed flavor, it only makes sense that every B1G team get their own flavor.

Here are our suggestions:

Ohio State

Rose Bo...[Michigan State linebacker knocks it to the floor and hands them a sad slice of pizza]


Butterscotch with hard candies mixed in, or whatever your grandpa liked.


Rendered grease-truck drippings. Exactly as gross as it sounds.

Penn State

Dippin Dots' the ice cream of the future for a team that was popular when that tagline was a good idea.

Michigan State

A rock. Just an effing rock. It's cold and hard, which is how Mark Dantonio and Tom Izzo like it.


Candy-striped candy cane, and no, we don't want to hear your input Coach Crean, we don't read our mentions either.


Ranch, we thought it was the best when we were kids in the mid 1990s but it's just kind (h/t @MattSBN)


Bratwurst, because cheddar cheese was way too obvious. (h/t @peterberkes)


Sno-cone, because, whatever it's cold there and we're new at this.


Deep fried high fructose corn syrup: Fattening, life shortening and unnecessarily brittle.


Nerds (h/t @MattSBN)


"Purdue is definitely vanilla, because even if the fans want something more our AD is too cheap to improve upon what is already there and cost effective." - Travis Miller of Hammer and Rails

They sound like an upbeat bunch.

And finally...


Too easy