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Breaking: Per reports, Nick Faust, Roddy Peters and Shaq Cleare all to transfer from Maryland

Nick Faust, Roddy Peters and Shaquille Cleare will all transfer from the University of Maryland. While Faust and Cleare are not big surprises, Peters transfer comes as a bit of a shock.


According to reports, Nick Faust, Roddy Peters and Shaquille Cleare are all transferring from the University of Maryland. Jeff Ermann of Inside Maryland Sports was first with the report.

All three will have to sit out a year before playing at another Division I program.

The transfers of Faust and Cleare won't come as too big of a surprise to many, as they had been rumored for some time to be potential transfer candidates, but the move from Peters comes as a bit of a shock. Peters had just finished his freshman season at Maryland, a season where he saw his playing time diminish as Seth Allen got healthier.

Last season, Faust's role switched throughout the season, starting some games but coming off the bench for the majority of the season. He averaged 9.4 points per game in 27.5 minutes per contest. The same connot be said for Cleare or Peters, both of which averaged under five points per game, with Peters averaging 4.1 points per game while Cleare only tallied three points per contest. Both faced similar situations of dwindling minutes as the season progressed.

It was clear that Mark Turgeon expected attrition after gaining a commitment from 2014 7-footer Michal Cekovsky, and that came to the forefront today. This could clear a move for one more addition in the class of 2014, or fan favorite Jon Graham could end up with a scholarship for a second straight year.