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Maryland Minute 4.7.14 -- Terps' roster expected to 'remain pretty much intact' (or not)

Despite wildfire internet rumors to the contrary, it appears Maryland may actually return everyone for next season.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Thoughts on Maryland women in Final Four, Melo Trimble and men's coaching staff - Page 2 -
"There have been rumors that Cleare would leave after the season, but so far, no current players have asked for a release from their scholarship, according to those with knowledge of the situation. Spinelli has been a candidate for head coaching jobs in the past, and Ranson seems to be a potential candidate at Coppin State. As for the players, it appears that the roster will remain pretty much intact. Junior forward Evan Smotrycz would be eligible to transfer after he graduates this spring, but I doubt he wants to transfer again after coming to Maryland from Michigan a couple of years ago. Ditto for junior forward Jon Graham. Junior swingman Nick Faust is not on target to graduate early, according to a team source."

So that should end a whole lot of speculation (and start some new speculation as well!).

Gary Williams looks back on a standout coaching career - The Washington Post
On the eve of his possible Hall of Fame election, Gary Williams reminisces about his standout career.

More stories about legendary Terps coach Gary Williams from his former assistants
Awesome piece by Prewitt on Gary Williams, through the eyes of his former assistants. Also, interesting that Dickerson thinks Gary could coach again...

iBac2Xynpao9K.gif (300×222)
Our own SpinningGamera made a fantastic GIF in honor of Gary Williams's upcoming Hall of Fame induction, and you should go ahead and just watch it for the rest of the day.

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