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Maryland Minute - 4.4.14 - The women's basketball team remains the best

Alyssa Thomas, Chloe Pavlech and co. are among the most likable group of Maryland athletes ever.

Alyssa Thomas and Malina Howard celebrate, as winning teams do.
Alyssa Thomas and Malina Howard celebrate, as winning teams do.
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Alyssa Thomas continues to shatter Terps records and no one can keep track
"I’m just waiting for the end of the season where we can see the whole list," Sequoia Austin said. "It’s happening every day. Someone will say that this one’s broken, or that one’s almost broken. Just show me the list after." [Pete]

As Maryland women's basketball team rallies toward Final Four, they hope fans follow -
The Final Four games in Nashville are sold out and fans around the nation are starting to take more notice of women's hoops. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Maryland fans will be in Nashville this weekend to cheer on the Terps. Anyone here going?

Maryland women's basketball player Chloe Pavlech wins Vine - Testudo Times
If you didn't see it already, Chloe Pavlech is the absolute best.

PICTURE: The Terrapin women's basketball team named their trophy - Testudo Times
GET IT?!? Regina...regional? I would maybe have gone with Regionald, but hey, they're awesome and can do whatever they want.

Melo Trimble, Lynee Belton take part in McDonald’s All-American games
A quick write-up from the Post about the local kids playing in the McDonald's game on Wednesday. It mentions that in Trimble's last high school game he registered a line of 35 points, 13 assists and 11 rebounds. That's insane.

The Spring Fling 2014 Wrapup: Looking at our Best of the B1G Picks - Off Tackle Empire
Maryland ties with Michigan State for the most players on Off Tackle Empire's All-B1G team! [Pete[]