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Maryland Minute 4.30.14 - philanthropy, fundraising, and history

Darrius Heyward-Bey gives back to his high school, MD reveals bowl expenses, and the Mighty Sound of Maryland needs your help

Ezra Shaw

Ex-Terp Heyward-Bey lights up McDonogh School | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore

Darrius Heyward-Bey promised his high school athlete director that he would buy the school lights for the football field when he made the NFL. Now, he's done it. [Pete]

Looking at the Maryland football team’s Military Bowl expenses

Maryland spent $824,029 to compete in the Military Bowl this past December.  Surprisingly, the University received their bowl expense allocation from the ACC. (estimated to be $1.1 million)

Mighty Sound of Maryland Band Van

The Mighty Sound of Maryland has raised nearly 40% of their new goal so far.  Please have a look and chip in if you can, only 19 days left!

the blog

KenPom took a look at the 2002 season, including this passage on Maryland:

1) It was the best season of Gary Williams’ career, and the worst season for his career. Maryland beat Indiana 64-52 in a mostly unremarkable national title game. The outcome was the best thing for Gary Williams in that it was an amazing accomplishment to take his alma mater from the dregs of probation to the top of college hoops in 13 seasons. It was the worst in that it proved it was possible to win a national title at Maryland, something that Williams wasn’t able to come all that close to duplicating in his next nine seasons at the school. In the pro game, coaches are basically evaluated on their team’s performance and performance relative to expectation. In the college game, it’s all about the latter (in the absence of some sort of scandal). And expectation is often set by what is shown to be absolutely possible. For the top five to ten programs in the country, it’s very difficult to win a national title, and if you’re not one of those programs, it’s next to impossible. But not completely impossible, as Maryland showed in 2002. It was a standard that Williams could never live up to.

Delany on East Coast pre-expansion push

Jim Delany has a busy summer ahead of him jetting around the country and managing the integration of Maryland and Rutgers into the Big Ten.