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Testudo Times Staff Roundtable: Trimble in All-Star game; Women's Final Four predictions

Every week the staff at Testudo Times goes over the biggest stories facing the program.

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Q: How excited were you to see Melo Trimble in the McDonald's All-American Game?

John: I was really excited. This is something big for Maryland and can potentially help in the future, unless I'm overanalyzing. It was nice for the program.

Jake: I didn't watch the game, but I thought while following on twitter: "Man. We've got a dude in the MCDAAG, which means we're getting one of the best players in the country, at our biggest weakness".

Pete: I was unable to watch most of the game, but it's pretty dang exciting for Maryland to have a player on that high of a level. Wait ‘til next year is a tough game to play (especially with how frequently Maryland fans have been playing it), but this one at least looks fun.

Molly: I was also unable to watch, but it's very exciting to have someone coming into the program playing on a stage like that.

Q: How do you think Trimble fared in the game?

John: He played really well from what I was able to catch (case study had my attention). He was easily the most selfless player out there and gave up the ball when it needed to be done. He doesn't strike me as an all-star game player, but in a structured game, he should be really fun to watch.

Jake: As said above, I didn't watch the game so I don't know.

Pete: He impressed in what little I was able to see, especially in his decision-making for an all-star game.

Q: With the loss of Abner Logan for the rest of the semester, are you nervous about the depth at linebacker?

John: Yes, it is hard not to be. The Terps are thin at that position, so injuries would likely destroy that unit if they occur.

Jake: I'm a bit nervous. We're thin, but there's still some quality and I think we'll be okay. But if we get injuries....then I'm really nervous.

Pete: It all depends on whether Logan returns for next semester. With him back, the position is more than fine -- Jalen Brooks and Jermaine Carter, Jr. will be recovered from injury, and Brock Dean is a guy who looked great out of high school but has not yet been able to sneak into the regular playing rotation.

Molly: Yes, but like Pete said it depends on whether he returns. With our injury luck I'm nervous about any situation with questionable depth.

Q: Prediction for Maryland women against Notre Dame.

John: I have a running bet with my academic advisor that the team would make the championship game. Heck, why not? Terps 78 Irish 76

Jake: Maryland 76 Notre Dame 72.

Pete: Maryland 83, Notre Dame 64. Terps ain't messing around.

Molly: Maryland 77, Notre Dame 75.