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Maryland basketball season review: Roddy Peters

Continuing a series of season reviews, this one looks into the frustrating season of Roddy Peters. 20.1 9.1

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Roddy Peters

6'3", 195 lbs, point guard

Peters completed his freshman year at Maryland, where things started off fairly well, but ended on a bit of a sour note. Peters was poised to be the "point guard of the future" when he came to Maryland out of Suitland High School, but after missing time due to shoulder surgery at the end of his senior season there, Peters was never able to fully work on his game and develop his jump shot. Even with the struggles, many expected Peters to contend for point guard duties next season, but he will be transferring elsewhere.


Peters wasn't a scoring machine for Maryland, averaging just 4.1 point per game in his time on the court, but did have some early success distributing the ball with 2.1 assists per game. Peters was never a threat from beyond the arc, shooting only nine three-point attempts and making only one of them. Of his 114 two-point attempts, Peters made 49 for a percentage of 41%, according to Kenpom. Peters played 37.4% of the available minutes, but that doesn't paint the full picture -- Peters made major contributions early on in the season, but that faded a bit as the season progressed and Seth Allen became healthy.

High Point

Peters was called upon to play significant minutes early in the season, and he played fairly well, considering he was thrown into the fire so early. In 18 minutes of action in the opener against Connecticut, Peters made both of his field goal attempts, scoring five points while dishing out two assists. He would turn the ball over three times, but for a freshman, it was reasonable to expect some errors. Peters would begin the season averaging 20.1 minutes per game up until January 12th against Florida State. Peters reached his career-high of 14 points against Boston College on December 12th where he played in 26 minutes of action. He would crack double-digits three times early in the season, with this game being his last double-digit game. The early exposure helped Peters get comfortable and adjust to the college game.

Low point

While Peters got a lot of playing time to start the season, the end to the season was not as promising with playing time. Seth Allen returned for the Tulsa game on December 29, and soon thereafter, Peters would see his playing time diminish. From January 15 to the end of the season, Peters averaged just 9.1 minutes per game, and it showed on the court at times. The team relied on Allen to play more minutes, and Peters stayed on the bench for most of the game. From there, Peters wasn't able to get onto the court enough to gain confidence in his game.

The future

Roddy Peters has decided to transfer from the University of Maryland, to the shock of many. There is a giant list of suitors for his talents, but many expected him to stay put and compete for time at Maryland. With Melo Trimble coming in, it was tough to see a lot of time for Peters heading forward.

To put it simply, Roddy Peters has a lot of talent, but still has a ways to go in his development as a player. Peters needs to develop his jump shot to keep defenders guessing, but possesses the tools to be a good point guard at the division one level. Peters is a raw player that should develop as he gets more experience, and perhaps the transfer and a fresh start will propel him to new levels.