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Maryland basketball season review: Nick Faust

Terp fans saw better play from the junior wing on both offense and defense, but was it enough to meet expectations?

Streeter Lecka

Nick Faust

#5, 6'6", 205 lbs, guard/forward

Nick Faust was one of a group of three players to transfer out of Maryland's program after this season -- all three of whom were the highest rated player in their respective recruiting classes (one from each of the last three classes for the Terps). Faust was the representative of the class of 2011, coming to Maryland from Baltimore as a local savior of sorts. After committing to Gary Williams, Faust re-opened his commitment after the Maryland legend announced his retirement but ended up re-pledging to the Terps after Mark Turgeon was able to talk to him (and his parents).


Faust played 27.4 minutes per game in 2013-14, averaging 9.4 points per game, 3.7 rebounds per game, 2.0 assists per game, 1.8 turnovers, 1.2 steals per game and 0.6 blocks per game. He set career highs in steals and blocks, set a career low in turnovers per game and tied his career high in points per game, but did not see the kind of development many expected in his third year in College Park.

Faust shot significantly worse in 2013-14 -- his field goal percentage dropped nearly 20 points to 38.4%, including just 24.3% on two-point jumpers (although he did raise his success on shots at the rim by 6.7%). His three-point percentage fell even further, from 35.2% in 2012-13 to 30.1% this past season.

While Faust's shooting fell, his offensive rating did increase to over 100 for the first time in his Maryland career (a far cry from the 86.8 number he posted as a freshman). That's in large part due to two things that may shock Maryland fans -- Faust handled the ball better as a junior and took less shots.

Faust's biggest improvements came on the defensive end, however -- he was always adept at forcing turnovers and saw his steal rate rise as a junior, but he turned into an adequate shot blocker in his final year with the Terps as well.

High point

20 points, five rebounds and four assists in the win over Wake Forest on seven of 11 shooting.

Low point

Let's go with the season opener, in which he hit five of 18 shots against Connecticut in the loss, including three of 10 three point attempts in a J.R. Smith-ian performance. Runner-up -- his one-for-five, seven turnover performance in the final game against Florida State.

2014-15 outlook

Elsewhere! Oregon State, Richmond, Iowa State and Cleveland State are the rumored destinations.