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Maryland - Louisville game thread

It's Brenda versus Jeff. It's Maryland versus Louisville. It's the Terps against a large and hostile crowd on Louisville's home court. It's the Elite Eight, people!


Here we go again. It's game thread time! Maybe since this is an Elite Eight game this thread will at least get to a sweet sixteen in terms of the number of people making comments. I think the Tennessee game had thirteen (excluding me) and that felt like some sort of record. So come on people show the women's team some love.

Tonight it's the Brenda versus Jeff show. Not really. It's Maryland versus Louisville. And the stakes are either a second straight trip to the Final Four for the Cardinals or a return trip for the Terps for the first time since the 2006 national championship run.

Sunday, Maryland overcame the first of the two enormous obstacles facing them in their push to reach the promised land when they took down top seeded Tennessee. Although Louisville is a three seed, tonight's task may be even more difficult since the Cardinals have the home court advantage. And I'm not talking about playing close to home like say UConn in Hartford last year. I'm talking about playing the regional final on their home court where they are 17-1 this season and have lost only seven times since moving into the KFC Yum Center in the 2010-11 season.

As always, Testudo Times has a number of appetizers to whet your appetite for tonight's contest.

First on the menu is how to watch and more from from Ben "stop me in my" Strack(s).

Want to savor the Sweet Sixteen win again? You can do that with Molly's recap or my bloviating analysis.

For those of you in the mood for a fuller meal, you can chow down on my preview.

So, what do you think? Any thoughts on the conference affiliation battle? Is it ACC versus AAC? Old ACC versus new ACC? New B1G versus new ACC? Kinda makes my head spin. And what about Louisville getting to play this game on their home court? (Notre Dame had the same advantage last night as does Stanford tonight.) But the big question is, can the Terps put together the right blend of herbs and spices to fry the Cardinals? It would certainly be a tasty, or should I say, yummy win.