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Maryland basketball: Charles Mitchell will not be disciplined by Mark Turgeon

After an altercation with assistant coach Scott Spinelli, Mitchell will play against Virginia.

Grant Halverson

Sophomore forward Charles Mitchell will not receive any further disciplinary action after sitting out the second half of Maryland's Tuesday night win over Virginia Tech, multiple media sources are reporting.

Mitchell apparently got in a heated argument with assistant head coach Scott Spinelli towards the end of the first half, and left the court to go to the locker room during a timeout. He did not play in the second half, and his status was, as of yet, unclear.

He will return to the practice court Friday, and will play in Maryland's last-ever ACC game, against Virginia. Mitchell and Turgeon apparently talked it out Thursday, and all appears to be well.

Mitchell has worked his way into the starting lineup recently, and is averaging 6.8 points and 6.5 rebounds per game. The forward ranks 10th in the nation in offensive rebounding percentage and 79th in defensive rebounding percentage.