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Charles MItchell abruptly leaves game in 1st half, returns but doesn't play in second

Charles Mitchell walked into the locker room before halftime during Maryland's win over Virginia Tech but didn't appear on the Maryland bench again until about 8:00 minutes left in the 2nd half

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Towards the end of the first half, Charles Mitchell came off the court during a time out. He then disappeared from the Maryland bench and headed to the locker room, but no one was entirely sure what happened or why he had left before the end of the first half.

There was initially speculation that Mitchell had not only left the Maryland bench, but left the Comcast Center entirely, thanks to a report from the TV broadcast crew. They said that Mitchell was no longer in the building, but with around eight minutes remaining in the game, Mitchell appeared at the end of he Maryland bench. He never reentered the game.

After Maryland's win, Mark Turgeon briefly addressed the situation, saying he sent Mitchell to the locker room for disciplinary reasons and chose not to elaborate further on the subject.

Some fans on Twitter reported seeing Mitchell getting into a verbal disagreement of sorts with assistant head coach Scott Spinelli before heading to the locker room.

It appears that Mitchell and Spinelli had some sort of disagreement, Turgeon didn't like how Mitchell reacted, and sent him to the locker room as a result. Hopefully it's nothing more than that. Mitchell's status for Sunday's final ACC game hasn't been announced.

Mitchell finished the game with four points and two rebounds in 12 minutes of action Tuesday evening.