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Maryland Minute 3.4.14 - Is C.J. Brown one of the best QBs in the B1G?

What's been going on at Spring Practice for Maryland and across the B1G? We break it down.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Spring Fling: The Best of the Best B1G QBs - Off Tackle Empire
Off Tackle Empire started their series of ranking the best five players at each position in the Big Ten. First up is quarterbacks -- C.J. Brown did not make the cut. [Pete]

Maryland football: Taivon Jacobs, Alvin Hill impress on first day of practice - Testudo Times
In case you missed it, Pete breaks down Maryland's spring practice.

Quick turnaround forces Terps to forget another loss
Unfortunately, this isn't the first time they've dealt with this...

Terps still ‘a confident group’ despite a season gone awry - The Washington Post
Well, that's good. Lets just hope for that miracle ACC Tournament run.

Lefty Driesell talks about close losses, which have become common for current Terps - Baltimore Sun
"Every day in practice, play a five-minute overtime, so you’re used to close game situations," Driesell said. "A lot of times, I’d put them in close game situations – down one with one with 30 seconds to go – you’ve got to practice them if you keep losing. You’ve got to study it, practice it and work on their mind and tell them, ‘We’re going to win the next one.'" Interesting take from Lefty about winning close games.

Postgame: Against Clemson, close still not enough for the Terps
"Missed it by that much" Again.