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Testudo Times Staff Roundtable: Who needs a big spring on the football team?

Every week the staff of Testudo Times debates the biggest stories concerning the program.

Rob Carr

Q: The ACC had a terrible weekend in the NCAA Tournament, which loss was the most surprising?

Jake: Definitely Duke-Mercer.

Pete: I'd have to agree, although an early round Duke loss has nearly become a yearly tradition at this point.

John: I'd say Dukes loss to Mercer had to be the most surprising. I expected a battle, but for them to ultimately fall surprised me.

Andrew: This isn't ACC related, but Stanford reaching the Sweet 16. Stanford was...not that good this year. Even now, after beating UNM and Kansas, they're ranked 34th on KenPom. For comparisons sake, Maryland is currently 41st. I didn't give them a shot at beating New Mexico and less than no shot at beating a really good Kansas team, even one without Embiid. That was weird.

Brendan: Everyone is going Duke, but the real surprise was NC State being up 14 with five minutes left and losing in overtime. To blow that sort of lead with that little time remaining is tough to do. Kudos, Wolfpack.

Q: Have you found yourself rooting for Big Ten teams knowing that helps the future conference?

Jake: Not really. I don't really care to be honest with you.

Pete: Absolutely. Go Badgers.

John: Being honest, not really. Once Maryland is out, I just watch for good basketball.

Andrew: I'm a deeply spiteful sports fan. I can't root for any team that might give someone I know joy when I lack that joy. So I'm left cheering for my bracket, which has no B1G teams in the Final Four.

Brendan: Yes, but only because my bracket dictated me to. Although I did pick against Wisconsin in the Round of 32, sorry Pete. (Go Spartans!)

Q: We talked about the guy you're looking forward to the most at Spring football, but who is the guy that needs to have a big spring?

Jake: I think the guys on the O line. Not one guy in particular, but the group and the guys on the O Line need a good spring IMO.

Pete: Alvin Hill. He's competing for one of the jobs at cornerback, and having three capable corners (him, along with Jeremiah Johnson and Will Likely) would be huge for the Maryland secondary.

John: I'm interested to see how the wide receivers behind Diggs and Long come along. Nigel King is obviously the favorite, but could Marcus Leak and Levern jacobs push for that spot? The depth is great so I just want to see how that position pans out.

Andrew: I'm hoping one of the running backs really steps up and impresses. I'd be nice to have one featured back with the others complimenting him. I'd like that to be Wes Brown, personally.

Brendan: Wes Brown. He obviously had a tumultuous off-season last year and missed 2013. He was the best back on the team in 2012, and would be a huge asset again in 2014. Maryland needs a lead running back, and Brandon Ross might be the guy, but I've thought since Brown set foot on campus he would be the best back on the team. Time for him to prove it.