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Maryland Minute 3.26 - Athletic Department reports small budget surplus

Plus a nice take on the ACC's lawsuit and changes coming for several B1G basketball teams.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland athletic department reports modest surplus for 2012-13 fiscal year
Amazingly, basketball overtook football as the leading source of revenue for Maryland Athletics last year.

The ACC and Maryland's Lawsuit Is Getting Nasty : Outkick The Coverage
Great take on the battle between Maryland and the ACC and why neither side is backing down. Also goes into the ACC's grant of rights and why it might not hold up. Basically describing how Maryland could take down the entire conference if they win the case.

Big Ten roster updates: Who’s on the move? " Big Ten Network

Lots of transfers happening in the B1G in basketball.

SportsChannel8 Films: A Requiem for the ACC - YouTube

What if I told you that being the best in October means nothing in March? The story of the ACC's rise to the top, and one weekend that brought it crashing down.