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A comprehensive list of people Alyssa Thomas has scored more points than

Alyssa Thomas is the new Terps record holder for points in a career, we take a look at some notable names she passed along the way.

This is an all-encompassing list of everyone Alyssa Thomas has passed along the way to becoming the University of Maryland's all-time leading scorer.

2,269 points -- Juan Dixon

Legend. Champion. Assistant coach. 2nd place. Not bad for a scrawny kid from Baltimore who wasn't highly recruited.

2,265 -- Malcolm Delaney

Alyssa Thomas also has four more NCAA Tournament appearances than Delaney.

2,247 -- Crystal Langhorne

Took over the women's crown from Vicky Bullett before making way to Thomas. A legend in her own right.

2,222 -- Scottie Reynolds

2,205 -- Marissa Coleman

Coleman barely missed out on being able to eclipse Langhorne in her time in College Park and Thomas passed her with room to spare.

2,171 -- Greivis Vasquez

Vasquez shimmied, shook and entertained his way to second-place amongst the men. Now he's in Memphis New Orleans Sacramento Toronto still entertaining crowds -- and presumably teammates.

2,101 -- Seth Curry

2,079 -- Jay Williams

Probably would have scored more if he shot better than 67.1% from the free throw line. Who was his coach, John Calipari?

2,077 - Jon Scheyer

Pfft. Of course he's not ahead of her.

1,984 -- Shane Battier

1,974 -- Antawn Jamison

He once scored 50 points in an NBA game in his post-Carolina career. A couple of those during his time in Chapel Hill and he may have been able to catch Alyssa. Nice try though, Antawn, you're still one of the few Tar Heels I've enjoyed watching.

1,788 -- Michael Jordan

I didn't see this coming... well done, Alyssa. Maybe you should be the star of 'Space Jam 2' instead of LeBron?

1,273 (unofficial) -- Air Bud

How he's still eligible I'll never know. He began in 1997 and looks like he'll be around until 2015. His longevity, if nothing else, is impressive. Lethal, yet unconventional shooter.

649 -- Devin Thomas

Alyssa's younger brother looks like he'll struggle to match her total. As the students have reminded us all over the last two years "Alyssa's better!" *clap clap clapclapclap*

393 -- Nick Novak

For a guy who took a lot of three-pointers you would think his point total would be higher because he was so accurate. I think he just needed more attempts though.

390 - Andrew Emmer

"I was a varsity bowler for a year in high school and was by far the worst on the team," Emmer said, "I credit the blue gatorade I drank during it, it gave my hands the right moisture."

189 -- Billy Hoyle

If only he and Wesley Snipes hadn't been playing to 11 he might have had a better chance to climb up this list. Good effort though -- for a white guy who can't jump.

107 -- Patrick Mullins

Not bad for a guy who taken 11th overall in the draft. You'd expect a guy who scores like that to maybe go undrafted or consider going pro in something else.

72 -- Stefon Diggs

He's on the Landon Milbourne career scoring arc, and I would expect him to explode next season.

4 -- Barack Obama

2-for-22? Who does this guy think he is? That's a lot of hero ball from a poor jump shooter. He's aged a lot in his career, but he's so charismatic. Definitely a high-character guy you want on the end of the bench. A Mark Madsen-type.

1.26 -- Mike Shawaryn

1.26? How do you get .26 points? Who knows, but he's got a lot of ground to cover if he ever wants to catch Alyssa Thomas. In the meantime he's a good defensive guy -- a Bruce Bowen-type.

0 -- My dog, Lewey

If getting snow stuck in your "cone of shame" counted for points, Lewey would be leading in the ACC in career points based on just this winter alone. Young guy showing promise, just needs to stay under control.

0 -- Dave's daughter, Catherine

Okay, so she hasn't really had a chance to score a point yet, but she's got the potential to pass Alyssa Thomas in about 20-21 years. She'll probably be Testudo Times' all-time leading scorer.

There are countless others along the way that Thomas has passed -- please share your favorites in the comments! We congratulate Thomas on an outstanding career and look forward to seeing how the rest of the tournament goes.