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Maryland - Army NCAA Tournament Game Thread

Okay, so it's not the NCAA Tournament most of you were hoping for but it's the NCAA Tournament. "Let's get busy. It's not as though you don't need the practice!"

It's NCAA Tournament time! And this will be your game thread for the first round NCAA match up between the team from Maryland that routinely receives an invitation to Dance, the Maryland women and champions of the Patriot League, the Army Black Knights.

Many of you may have seen the bumper sticker that says: "If you can read this, you're too close." I think that's analogous to the game thread. "If you're reading this, you're not at the game." Why aren't you here? Okay, Niles. You live in Hawaii so you get a pass. Same for anyone living in a state that doesn't border Maryland. But really how many of you out there couldn't spring for fifteen bucks to come see two NCAA Tournament games? I'm a generous sort so I'll forgive you and set this up.

Two questions face the Terps as they come into Sunday's game. First, have they put the loss to UNC in Greensboro behind them? Second, how long will it take them to get out the Pledge and shake off the waxy buildup from more than two weeks away from active competition?

Think the Terps don't show show waxy buildup? Last year the mighty Quinnipiac Bobcats came to the Comcast Center as a twelve seed to face the fourth seeded Terrapins. Yes, the Terps eventually won by twenty but with under seven minutes to play in the first half Quinnipiac led by nine. Want more evidence? Two years ago, the Terps were coming off an ACC Tournament Championship and still trailed fifteenth seeded Navy with under nine minutes to play in the first half. They eventually won that game by fifteen.

So, if it happens again, chill out. Maryland is playing at home. They're bigger, deeper, more athletic, and more talented. Simply put, the Terps are better than Army. They will win. There, I wrote it. And any problems they have at the beginning won't carry over to Tuesday's game be it against Texas or Penn.

Meanwhile, as a full service website, the staff here at Testudo Times has put together some helpful links and information for you:

Here's how to watch and more from Ben "Stop calling me Broman" Strack.

Don't know much about the top seeds? Read my Women's NCAA Big preview.

Know about the top seeds but unsure about Maryland's region? No wokkers. I've got you covered there.

Not interested in regional speculation? Just want to know about Army? Okay. Okay. I took care of that, too.

Here's your chance to predict. Or to keep the uninformed informed. But please don't panic!