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Maryland Minute - 3.21.14 - Support a Maryland basketball team!

Former Maryland and DMV area players team-up for a great cause.

Tom McMillen should play.
Tom McMillen should play.

For a long explanation of this event and how it came to be read this from Grantland's Zach Lowe.

Basically, in June there is going to be, "a nationwide, five-on-five basketball tournament open to almost anyone, with social media elements and a multimillion-dollar, winner-take-all prize."

Anyone can form a team to compete, other than professional basketball players. There will be teams made up of former-pros, college buddies, street ball legends, and completely normal people. It's going to be awesome. The catch is that only the 32 teams with the most "fans" will qualify.

With the lack of success for the current Maryland basketball team, I think we should throw our support fully behind what should be a great team with a great cause. Let's get them in!

Another name to maybe keep an eye on if a scholarship opens. Cinmeon Bowers is a 6-7 PF at Chipola College (teammates with Sam Cassell Jr). He's ranked a 4-star and the #1 JUCO recruit for 2014. Maryland had interest when he was coming out of high school, and have a need for a front court player. I haven't heard any connection between Bowers and Maryland, but it's a slow links day.

Statistical Analysis of ACC Basketball Hires in the Last Five Seasons - Blogger So Dear
What does the resume of an ACC coach look like? How have the recent ACC coaching hires performed? Check out this great breakdown that the folks at Blogger so Dear did.

School Teachers Fail Our Youth, Let Them Watch Tournament In Class
Every year from 7th grade until my senior year in College Park I was "sick" for the Thursday and Friday of the first round of March Madness. I think my parents figured it out by 10th grade, but they are nice and let it happen. So I guess I never had to deal with being a school during games.

How did y'all with real jobs or are in class deal with this yesterday/today?

There are currently seven people tied for first in the Testudo Times bracket pool:

Daniel, Andrew Emmer (me! I'm writing this at 1:35 in the morning!), Griff Dog, Seth, Mat, Jordan and Molly.