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Maryland Stock Report: No postseason for Terps doesn't hurt stocks

Maryland missed out on both the NCAA Tournament and NIT, but it won't hurt stocks too much.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing has really changed from last week to this as far as stocks are concerned. Does missing the NIT hurt? Yes, absolutely. Would the experience have been good for some younger guys like Roddy Peters? Yes, experience for Peters and others would have been nice. The problem is our view of the season hasn't changed that much. It's still a disappointment, unfortunately, but we knew it was going to be a disappointment a week ago.

I still maintain while this season will ultimately go down as a disappointment, there were still some positives this year. We learned Seth Allen is more than "just a guy" even if he isn't the best defensive player on the court. We also learned that we all overrated Jake Layman after the summer. And yes, while there might be some Chandler Parsons in him, he isn't at Parsons level ... yet.

The biggest takeaway from this season is that we now know that expectations are at an all-time low, but pressure will be at an all-time high in the Mark Turgeon era.

Stock Rising:

Seth Allen -- He proved, once again, in the game against Florida State that he was a vital cog in the second half of the season. Allen also proved he was someone who, at times, could be the best scorer on the floor and a go-to guy when the offense gets stagnant. Allen isn't a point guard, but he has also shown that the zero assist, five turnover game was an aberration. He finished with the second-lowest turnover rate on the team, behind only Jake Layman who doesn't handle the ball nearly as much as any of the guards.

Maryland's defense -- There were lapses here and there, but as a whole Maryland played phenomenal defense this year. They finished 23rd in KenPom's defensive efficiency rating. They blocked shots, defended inside the perimeter well and didn't give up offensive rebounds. That last part is somewhat important because two of their top four lineups used recently have had four wing players and a big -- and one of those wings wasn't Evan Smotrycz.

Expectations for Melo Trimble -- Dear uber-talented freshman, lead a team that was considered a top-25 worthy roster then underachieved the previous season to the promised land. No pressure, kid. People wonder if Trimble is a point guard, Andrew assures me he is -- so I would believe him. I don't know when you guys will start the #MeloDaGawd hashtag, but I'm guessing we see it before Labor Day.

Stock Holding:

Mark Turgeon -- His stock is holding because I don't believe he will be fired, despite those who shout in the comments he should. It's too expensive and he has a very solid recruiting class coming to College Park next year. Turgeon has the metrics on his side, he just didn't have luck, injuries or consistency. Free throw shooting was also an issue, but it's not like teams actively choose not to practice free throws.

Turgeon obviously cares about the kids on the team and the University of Maryland and their fans. It's not for a lack of trying that this season went down the toilet. Could he have done things differently? Sure, but it wasn't Turgeon that single-handedly had seven turnovers against Florida State in the ACC Tournament. I think we have to put some blame on the players for 2013-14, but at the end of the day move on from it and know things have to get better or change.

A possible transfer -- Now a possible transfer in would mean someone would have to transfer out. I don't know who would or would not leave, but until they do it's tough to speculate anyone else coming in.

Stock Falling:

Expectations for 2014-15 -- It's tough for me to say after this season that I'll be expecting an NCAA Tournament berth next year. I expected one this year and... well you saw what happened. Obviously things can change, players could come and go or someone could take a huge leap in the off-season. However, I think I'm going to temper my expectations for next season. I'd rather be pleasantly surprised next year than massively disappointed... again.

Jake Layman -- 2013-14 didn't go anywhere near how I expected it would for Layman. I expected him to take a leap to an All-ACC caliber level. Instead, I feel like he's stuck in a flat circle. Layman had games where he was the best player on the court, and other games where he disappeared completely on the offensive end. Layman did turn in to a much better defender, but he was known as an offensive player. I'm glad he developed a defensive game, though.