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Maryland Minute 3.18.14 - Terps get four seed, will host Army

At least one of Maryland's basketball teams will be dancing, as the Lady Terps earned a four seed and will host Army at the Comcast Center on Sunday.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Terps will host Army in opening round of NCAA Tournament

In case you missed it yesterday, Alyssa Thomas and the Terps are a four seed and will tip things off Sunday against Army.

Alyssa Thomas Is One Of Maryland's Best Ever
While the Men's team had a disappointing season, Alyssa Thomas was finishing off one of the best careers of any player who has suited up for Maryland.

Rob Long: Rock Bottom? " CBS Baltimore
Rob Long isn't on the fire Turgeon bandwagon, but expects that changes will be made this offseason.

Couch Slouch returns to the University of Maryland to find it has also moved on - The Washington Post

Can we please stop pretending that the ACC was preserving rivalries with Maryland? Pitt was assigned our new rival. And if I hear one more "I can't wait until Maryland is playing Minnesota/Iowa/Northwestern next February" joke, I'm going to scream. Because playing Boston College, Miami, Virginia Tech and Wake was REALLY exciting this year too, right?

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Still number one!