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NIT Selection Show Open Thread

Follow along as the Terps find out their seeding in the NIT

Streeter Lecka

It's not the postseason fans were hoping for, but Maryland finds out its NIT seeding during tonight's selection show, airing at 8:30 on ESPNU.

As Dave laid out here, Maryland is projected as a possible four or five seed, the difference of which would decide whether their first game would be held in College Park (if the Terps received a four seed or higher) or on the road (if the Terps received a five seed or lower).

Possible first-round match-ups the Terps could see include West Virginia, Marquette, Georgia and Clemson. Additional ACC teams projected to be in the NIT are Florida State and North Carolina State. Georgetown is also projected to make the field, and could potentially be a later match-up for the Terrapins.

Last season, as a two-seed, Maryland defeated Niagara, Denver, and Alabama to make it to the NIT semi-finals at Madison Square Garden before falling to Iowa.

Predictions? Any preferences of who or where you'd like to see the Terps play in the first round?