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Testudo Times Staff Roundtable: ACC Tournament predictions

Every week the staff of Testudo Times debates the biggest stories surrounding the program.

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Q: After an overall disappointing season, how rewarding was the win over Virginia?

UMDTerps11: Very, but probably more so for Turgeon and the team to finally get over that close-game hump this season. And it was nice to see Jake Layman hit some key free throws. If anyone need to see the ball go through the hoop, it was Layman.

Jake: Extremely. I tweeted out and commented in the reactions post..."finally". That's how it felt. It was awesome to get that big win. But more so for Turgeon and the team. They deserved this.

Andrew: That was awesome. Usually when Maryland is beating a top 5 team it's Duke or UNC, who are used to being in that situation. UVa isn't and was still playing for a possible one seed. We potentially screwed up a tournament run for them, and that makes me so happy.

Pete: Very much so, if only to show just a brief glimpse of what Maryland could be this year (or could have been this year). It's still undoubtedly a very disappointing season, but it helps.

Brendan: It was unbelievable, to be honest. After all the close losses it felt good, especially in the final game in the ACC regular season. It'll be a great trivia question in a decade.

Q: What is your prediction for Maryland-Florida State?

UMDTerps11: I like Maryland's chances, but only if they stick with the pressing-zone style. The Terps are the epitome of a team that needs to control the tempo.

Jake: As long as FSU isn't shooting what felt like 90% from 3 like they did in the meeting in Tallahassee, I'm confident the Terps come away with a win.

Andrew: I'd like to point out here that after picking a few straight games to go to overtime, I didn't for the Clemson or Virginia games, which both went to overtime. I think Maryland wins, but it's close.

Pete: Maryland by 6.

Brendan: I'm going to take Maryland. My science is flawless.

Q: How far do you have Maryland going in the ACC Tournament?

UMDTerps11: I'll take the homer pick and say the semis (where they fall to UNC). We already touched on the FSU game, and UVA is a toss-up for me. The Terps will simply want it more (ala Duke last season). Unfortunately, UNC is built to beat Maryland at their own game.

Jake: I'll also say Semis. Beat FSU, sneak a win over UVA, but fall to Carolina in a similar game to the ones we've lose to them since Turgeon's been here. They're just a bad match up for us right now.

Andrew: Again, I said a few months ago that the best thing I could possibly imagine happening this season is winning the ACC Tournament. I will come right out and say I predict we will do just that.

Pete: Quarterfinals, losing to Virginia.

Brendan: Semi-finals. North Carolina is a terrible matchup. Just think about it now: McAdoo vs. Smotrycz. That should go well (again).

Q: Who do you have winning the ACC Tournament?

UMDTerps11: I really wish I could say anyone but Duke. Sadly, the Blue Devils are rightfully the favorite. I'll always take talent in tournament situations. Funny enough, I think Duke goes as far as Quinn Cook takes them (both in ACC and NCAA tourneys). A "2-11, 5 TO" game from Cook will negate Parker and Hood very quickly.

Jake: I'll take Carolina. Before the Duke loss at Cameron they were playing really well and are a dangerous team. Despite the fact Roy Williams doesn't seem to care for tourney titles, I'l take the Tar Heels.


Pete: Syracuse.

Brendan: I said it yesterday, and I'll repeat it again, I'm taking North Carolina. They have been sneaky good, and on a neutral court would be able to knock off Duke or Syracuse.