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Maryland Stock Report: Everything is coming up Maryland

After the win over Virginia, everything is coming up Millhouse.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

I won't rehash how great the victory was over Virginia or how rewarding it felt to see a team that struggled all season finally play a complete game. I won't do that. What I will say is this: Hey Wahoos, I hope you had a safe drive home and didn't hit any traffic.

Maryland needed this win, if only to keep fans from jumping off the ledge. We can all agree things were hotly contested in here for a week or two. Now, we're all a little bit happier, a little bit friendlier and things seem okay... for now.

Obviously things can change in an instant in a win or go home tournament. Maryland is likely headed to the NIT unless a miracle run takes place, and at this point they are just playing for seeding in the NIT.

Stock Rising:

My spirits -- I feel great right now. I feel like Maryland actually has a shot at winning the ACC Tournament. Is it an irrational level of confidence? Naturally. But today, Wednesday, I'm feeling good.

Your spirits -- I've seen the comments. I've seen the gifs and the meme's. This is a good time to be around.

Evan Smotrycz -- You see what I did there? I buttered you up so I could drop Smotrycz in the stock rising section again. He carried the team in the first half (again) and took a back seat in the second half and overtime and let Dez and Seth take over.

Seth Allen -- He's back in the rising section. Not the best defender on the team, sure. Not the best decision maker on the team, debatable -- he's got one of the lower turnover rates on the team. However, he is a scorer and on a team that desperately needs scoring in spurts, he's your huckleberry.

Shaquille Cleare -- He's turned things around the last two games, even if the stats aren't there. He should be commended for that.

Stock Holding:

Second half Dez -- He cannot be stopped in the second half, you can only hope to contai-- yeah that's not happening either. I don't know if #SecondHalfDez's stock can go any higher, so we'll leave it in the stock holding... for now.

Jake Layman -- He's shooting at a terrible clip right now, but his overall game hasn't been tanking along with his shooting. I think for now he's staying pat, and hopefully goes back on the rise in Greensboro.

Stock Falling:

Jonathan Graham -- FlaTerp and I were chatting about him the other day and how neither of us can figure out why he isn't getting more time. The fact he's only getting four minutes in a key game is a little baffling. Sure, Shaq has been playing better the last couple games, but Graham plays solid defense and won't kill you on offense with turnovers in the post.

He's not someone who will add much on offense, either. However, he's a garbage man. He'll do the dirty work and won't complain about it. He'll get rebounds on both ends, won't ask for the ball and just does his job. I'm not advocating him starting or even seeing 20 minutes... just more than four.

Who do you have rising and falling this week?

*Also, a personal note: There's no good place to put this in the article, but my prayers go out to the Lederer family.