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Ranking the ACC: Maryland moves up, Syracuse #1 in the country

Every week we rank the ACC from top to bottom. The Terps move up this week thanks to back-to-back wins

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

1. Syracuse (1) -- 22-0 (9-0) -- #1 in the country

Congratulations to the Orange on becoming the #1 team in the country. It isn't pretty, but it's damn sure effective. The game against Duke on Saturday night was one of the more compelling games I've seen this year. They followed it up with a hard-fought win over Notre Dame.

2. Duke (2) -- 17-5 (6-3) -- #11 in the country

Again, that amazing game was great and Duke did all they could to get the 'W'. Jabari Parker is so much fun to watch, it's just a shame he's on Duke.

3. Virginia (4) -- 17-5 (8-1) -- #20 in the country

This turn-around by the Cavs would be the ACC story of the year if not for Syracuse being undefeated. I'm honestly as shocked as you are.

4. Pittsburgh (3) -- 18-4 (6-3) -- #25 in the country

This team is clearly a top-four team in the ACC, but all three of their conference losses have been to the teams in the standings above them.

5. Clemson (7) -- 14-6 (5-3)

Yes, I know Clemson lost to UNC last week, but the Tigers still have the ace in the hole in their win over Duke in their last six games. Also, they were ranked a couple spots higher, but it's not like that has ever mattered.

6. UNC (9) -- 14-7 (4-4)

UNC is turning the corner as well, granted not as impressively as UVA, but they've now won three in a row.

7/8. Maryland/NC State

Maryland and State together again. Despite the loss to State, the Terps have won two in a row and look for three in a row Tuesday night against UNC.

9/10. Wake Forest/Florida State

These two have been tough to separate the last few weeks. I don't even know how to do it. They haven't played each other so it's not like I can use that as a tie-breaker.

11/12. Georgia Tech/Notre Dame

These two have been linked together for seemingly months. Notre Dame played Syracuse tough, which is the only reason they aren't 12th by themselves.

13. Miami (13) -- 11-10 (2-6)

A while back it looked like Miami were on their way up the rankings, but then the ACC season started and they have struggled... mightily.

14. Virginia Tech (14) -- 8-13 (1-8)

The Hokies have lost eight straight games, and haven't looked good at all. Maryland, who had beaten two teams by 20 or more points all season, beat the Hokies by such a margin.

15. Boston College (15) -- 6-15 (2-6)

To be fair to Boston College, it's almost getting tempting to put them ahead of the Hokies. Maybe next week?

*No gifs this week, sorry everyone.