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Maryland - North Carolina game thread

Time to talk about Maryland's last ACC visit to Chapel Hill. Can the Terps pull off a Lefty stompin' of the Heels?


So I've been having this recurring dream the last night or two and it always ends with Maryland upsetting North Carolina tonight (Editor's note: Dave has had the same dream. This is weird.). Maybe I'm having this dream because I'm a person who has always liked symmetry. I'm not old enough to remember but in Maryland's first game as a founding member of the ACC at North Carolina, the Terps scored a 70-60 win. (I looked it up.) But winning this final game wouldn't be the only nice bit of symmetry - at least for me.

Is it possible? Of course. That's why they play the game. Is it probable? Likely not. But the Terps are playing better than they have at any point this season. Yeah, yeah, I know Miami and Virginia Tech aren't the stiffest tests in the world (unless you're using stiff in the sense that rigor mortis has set in on their seasons). Still, Maryland has played five consecutive solid halves of basketball - at least on the offensive end of the floor. Better free throw shooting and tighter defense would certainly help tonight.

Can they pull it off? Well, there is that other bit of balance I mentioned at the top. You see, I remember February 20, 1986. I remember Len Bias. I remember his steal and I remember his 35 points. I remember a game that went into overtime. And I remember the first time in the Student Activities Center (now the "Dean Dome") the visiting team won a game. That final score: Maryland 77 UNC 72. Symmetry, my friends.

While you're pondering your own considerations and predictions. here's some pre-game reading:

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And as always, the viewing guide: How to watch and stream the game and more courtesy of Justin Meyer

Here's your chance to sound off. Do the Terps have a chance? Is Carton crazy? (Editor's note: Yes). And how did Karl Hess call a foul on Shaq Cleare and hour and a half before tip off? Have at it.