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Maryland football recruiting: Terps among potential options for VA safety Rimoni Dorsey

Rimoni Dorsey seems like he will have many great options next year when it comes time for him to pick a school. And if Maryland wants to stay in the mix they are going to have to ramp up their recruiting efforts of the Virginian defensive back.

Rimoni Dorsey
Rimoni Dorsey
Courtesy of 247sports

Hatchling Huddle is a recurring series wherein we talk to high school players recruited by Maryland or coaches who have Maryland recruits.

Rimoni Dorsey, a 5'11", 185-pound safety out of Trinity Episcopal High School in Richmond, Va., likes Maryland. He likes it enough to have it as one of the top schools that he is interested in attending in 2015.

UNC, Boston College, Virginia Tech, and South Carolina were among other schools that Dorsey said he liked in a recent interview with Testudo Times, but said that he is not ready to come up with a shortlist or any particular order of interest.

But it looks like the Terps have some competition on their hands, and if they want to be more than just liked, then their recruiters are going to have to start showing Dorsey some fresh love.

Dorsey said that he was speaking with Terps' former O-line coach Tom Brattan throughout the football season, but hasn't heard from the school's recruiters since Brattan's departure from the program at the end of the year.

Dorsey was interviewed prior to Junior Day, which he attended on Saturday, and he said that one of his main priorities while there was going to be having a personal sit down with his position coach, which in this case would be defensive coordinator/defensive backs coach Brian Stewart. Dorsey said he is only being looked at as a defensive back right now, despite also playing wide receiver at Trinity.

"I really want to get the experience of the campus and see how that is because when I went for prospect camp, I only saw the football facilities and the dorms," Dorsey said. "And I really want to seek out my position coach because when I was there I only met a couple of coaches that spoke to us in groups, but no one-on-one."

At the moment, Dorsey is unrated by the 247 sports composite, but that hasn't stopped him from accruing interest from some stud football programs. A list comprised of: Auburn, Boston College, Clemson, Georgia, Maryland. Michigan State, Missouri, North Carolina, Penn State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Virginia Tech.

That type of list probably stems from having an impressive highlight reel and his abilities as a two-way player. It's certainly no secret that wide receivers make good defensive backs and defensive backs make good wide receivers.

His size and speed might not jump off the page at anybody, but sometimes intangibles and tape trump whatever the paper says. Clearly this kid brings something special to the table that a lot of major college football programs are seeing, and it may not be wise for Maryland to let him slip away.