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Maryland ACC memories: BC/Miami/Virginia Tech

While VT,BC and Miami just joined the ACC in 2004 and 2005, but they have shared some special battles over that time. Here is a trip down memory lane.

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Maryland shares a history within the ACC, but Boston College joined the ACC in 2005 while Miami and Virginia Tech joined in 2004. Maryland has matched up with Boston College 11 times, and trail the overall series 5-6, while Miami has battled Maryland 16 times with Miami owning that series record 10-6. The first match-up between Virginia Tech and Maryland came in the 1925-26 season where Maryland won the contest 19-17. Maryland currently owns the series record 30-10 over the Hokies, the only winning record the Terps hold over the three opponents.

While these opponents are not what catches the eye of the average fan, there have been some memorable match-ups between the teams, and the game that comes to mind for Virginia Tech is their welcome to the ACC by Maryland, where they defeated the Hokies 86-71. The Terps controlled that game, helping lead the way for continuous match-ups throughout the next eight years. Miami is most known for their football program, but they provided some good basketball games against Maryland over the years, and have seemingly had a stranglehold on the Terps. Maryland has had Boston Colleges number as of late, but the series in the ACC didn't start that way, with the Eagles winning three of the first four match-ups.

2005: Boston College at Maryland. 73-71 Maryland win.

Boston College ended this season as the sixth ranked team in the country, so this win was huge for Maryland. A Boston College team toting Jared Dudley, who is now in the NBA, started their ACC career on a rough note getting upset my Maryland. In that game, Ekene Ibekwe scored 21 points and hauled in 9 rebounds, with point guard Chris McCray scoring 16 points to help the charge. For Maryland, this was a big win over a quality opponent, welcoming the battle for years to come.

2006: Miami at Maryland. 65-61 Maryland win.

A down season for Maryland, as they were 7-8 in the ACC after this game, but this win helped propel Maryland to wins in the ACC tournament, although, they eventually fell to Boston College and had to settle for the NIT. Nik Caner-Medley helped lead the way with 18 points for the Terps, with Mike Jones (who?) chipping in 15 points of his own. Both teams were a bit down, but for their first season in the ACC, Miami was looking to establish ground, and Maryland ended the Hurricanes season on a sour note.

2010: Maryland at Virginia Tech. 104-100 Maryland win.

Maryland trailed by six heading into halftime, but exploded in the second half for 51 points to send the game into overtime. It wouldn't stop there, however, as the game would go to two overtimes. Greivis Vasquez finished the game with 41 points, doing as he always did, leading the Terps to victory. Malcolm Delaney and Jeff Allen led the way for the Hokies under coach Seth Greenberg, totaling 52 points between the two. This game was a track meet, and both teams fought until the very end. Luckily, Maryland was able to pull out the victory, signaling a marquee game in their memorable 2009-2010 season.

In this season, Maryland has beaten Miami, Boston College and Virginia Tech all once, and will play Virginia Tech one last time before the season concludes. Each team is down this year, which provided for an anti-climatic end to their ACC battles.