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Maryland Stock Report: Stocks, spirits rising around Maryland basketball

After a heartbreaking loss to Duke, Maryland rebounded against Wake Forest.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

As you may have heard, Maryland lost to Duke in one of the most heartbreaking ways I've seen in the rivalry. I know we've moved on, but seriously it still kind of stings.

Maryland came back home and rebounded against Wake Forest as they won 71-60. It wasn't pretty and it was kind of nerve-wracking in the second half, but Maryland held on and won by double digits.

The Terps now have five days off until they face (likely) #1 Syracuse at Comcast Center. I'm not saying they have a chance to pull the upset, but I'd put a much higher percentage on it than I would have last week.

(Update: Syracuse lost to BC. There went the #1 team at home in a nationally televised game.)

Stock Rising:

Charles Mitchell -- The big man has really had quite the week. He had a monster first half against Duke that kept the team afloat, and then followed that up against Wake Forest 12 points and 7 rebounds. I don't care about the missed shot at the end of the Duke game.

Nick Faust -- Can we find a way to convince Faust that every shot he takes is in the final seconds of the first half? Anybody? He had 20 points against Wake Forest and a little dunk you might have seen against Duke.

My personal hope in the basketball team -- From where we were two weeks ago to now, I feel infinitely more confident in the team and their ability to pull out a win.

Maryland's 3-point defense -- They held Wake Forest to 3-for-15 behind the arc after a solid performance against Duke (5-for-24).

Stock Holding:

Mark Turgeon -- I, admittedly, don't always understand the hate towards Turgeon -- remember, he's not the one shooting the ball -- but the emotion he showed after the Duke game was really something. He and the players really care. That's something some people had been questioning.

Damonte Dodd -- I want to put his stock in the 'rising' category, but he's still seeing limited minutes. He still racks up too many fouls, but the amount of shot he alters is unbelievable. If he can string together a few more performances like the one he had against Duke and I'd give all of Shaquille Cleare's minutes to him.

Roddy Peters -- His stock isn't up, but like Dodd, it's on the verge of going up.

Stock Falling:

Shaquille Cleare -- A combined six minutes against Wake Forest and Duke -- yeesh. Where did it all go wrong for Cleare? Sounds like a Roundtable question to me...

Who else do you see rising or falling?