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Maryland basketball manager creates "Zaching" mural to honor his fighting friend

Who could forget the inspirational story of "Zaching?" Certainly not one of his friends and fellow managers Evan Lipinski.


Before his post-surgery "Zaching" picture went viral on social media in 2012, Zach Lederer was just a Maryland basketball team manager. But since having the surgery to remove a brain tumor and flexing his biceps triumphantly, Zach's fight against cancer has turned him into a team motivator.

One of many who he has inspired is his friend and fellow team manager Evan Lipinksi.

Inside the manager's locker room at Comcast Center, what used to be a bland grey wall is now the canvas of a mural that is a constant reminder of "Zaching" and everything it stands for.

Lipinski decided to use his artistic talent to honor Lederer and to depict what his fight and unwavering positivity has meant to everyone. The mural uses the Maryland state flag as the backdrop for a silver silhouette that is striking the "Zaching" pose while surrounded by the phrase "Zaching," all of which is underscored by "#Livingthedream."

Today, Lederer is still fighting brain cancer. He underwent his sixth surgery in September and is currently at home on hospice care. Even two years after his photo circulated around the world, "Zaching" continues to be an icon for the fight against cancer.

For anyone who would like to learn more about Zach or his foundation, please visit the Zaching Against Cancer website.