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Maryland-Duke GameThread: A rivalry draws to a close

For what will likely be the final time, Maryland and Duke will battle it out on the hardwood.

Streeter Lecka

We've been reflecting all week on the Maryland-Duke rivalry, reliving some of the best moments, some of the worst moments, and discussing how weird it will be to not have Duke on the schedule next season. Now, the moment is here. So let's talk about it.

Here are some of the stories from this week, describing our favorite Maryland-Duke moments:

Remembering the amazing 2004 ACC Tournament title, culminating with an OT win over Duke

Greivis Vasquez's senior night upset over Duke

Last season's final home game against Duke, a marque win for Mark Turgeon's squad

Dez Wells taking over in last year's ACC Tournament against Duke

Toliver over Bales - Women capture National Title by defeating Duke

Those are just some of our favorite Maryland-Duke moments. The Washington Post captured some of the great moments from the 2000-2002 portion of the rivalry in a recently released documentary that is definitely worth your time.

I've been thinking about Maryland's move to the B1G as a sort of change in jobs. They've been with one company for a long time, but as that company has grown, they haven't been too nice to their Maryland employee, taking away some of their benefits (like playing Duke 2xs per year in basketball) and not giving them the respect that a founding member deserves. So when Maryland was offered a new job in the Big Ten, which not only payed them more money, but also showed them that they valued, they decided to jump ship. Sure, they'll be losing friendships they've made over the years, but you can still make time to see (schedule) those folks in the future, if you really want. It's going to take some getting used to, but anytime you move from one organization to another, you have to adapt to that new culture.

Speaking of new, it appears Maryland will be debuting a new uniform for tonight's game:

In terms of Under Armour uniforms, these seem a little tame. They're somewhat simplistic, but pay homage to Maryland's basketball history with various highlights printed on the text of the numbers and on the pants.

Are you all ready for Maryland-Duke one last time? Who you got tonight? Can they pull out the ultimate upset win in their last game in Cameron Indoor? I hope so...