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Ranking the ACC: Terps are inconsistent, has North Carolina turned the corner?

Every week we rank the ACC from top to bottom to see how the conference is performing.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1. Syracuse (1) -- 23-0 (10-0) -- #1 in the country

The Orange continue to grind out wins in a fashion that doesn't wow you, but it certainly leaves you feeling hopeless. They get their next test on Wednesday night when they travel to Pitt to take on the Panthers.

2. Virginia (3) -- 20-5 (11-1) -- #17 in the country

The run Virginia is on is baffling. It honestly hurts my head to imagine that this team has won eight in a row and 11 of 12. Maryland was in the game last night and had a chance late to make the game close and couldn't.

3. Duke (2) -- 19-5 (8-3) -- #8 in the country

I probably should have had Virginia over Duke before this, but my massive bias against them just wouldn't let me do it.  I guess it was finally time. It's nothing the Blue Devils have done to deserve the drop, it just has more to do with UVA.

4. Pittsburgh (4) -- 20-4 (8-3) -- #25 in the country

After being taken to overtime by Miami, I thought there was no possible way they would see overtime against Virginia Tech. So you can imagine my surprise when not only were they taken to one overtime, but two. Miami and Virginia Tech are two mediocre teams and that's not what you're expecting to see out of the #25 team in the country. I guess this truly is a #goacc year.

5. North Carolina (6) -- 16-7 (6-4)

It's a real testament to the mediocrity of the ACC that UNC is ranked fifth in the league right now. A team that lost four of their first five conference games have now strung together five straight wins heading in to their massive matchup against Duke on Wednesday night.

6. Clemson (5) -- 15-7 (6-4)

It's still stunning to me that this team has a win over Duke. Now, I know it was a rough point for Duke, but Clemson isn't exactly the most imposing team in the country. Who would you say their best win is other than Duke? Florida State? I guess that's okay.

7. North Carolina State -- 15-8 (5-5)

They get the ranking ahead of Maryland this week, for now, but face Wake Forest Tuesday night to cement their place above Maryland.

8. Maryland -- 14-11 (6-6)

Effort. That's what we were all looking for and that's what we have been getting out of the Terrapins lately. They could have easily folded in the waning minutes against Virginia, but they didn't. They put themselves in a spot to be competitive, but shot themselves in the foot enough to lose.

9/10. Wake Forest/Florida State

Luckily for me these two will finally set themselves apart from one another by playing each other. That's about the only way it's going to be done.

11/12/13. Georgia Tech/Miami/Notre Dame

So Miami has a win over Georgia Tech in their only head-to-head matchup. However, Georgia Tech has a win over Notre Dame in their only head-to-head matchup. Although Notre Dame has that ace up their sleeve in a win over Duke. The NFC East thinks this is a mediocre group of teams.

14. Virginia Tech (14) -- 8-15 (1-10)

Sorry to the guy who got really upset last week, I just can't put Boston College ahead of them. Yes, I know Virginia Tech has lost ten in a row. Yes, I know Boston College has two wins over Virginia Tech. It's just that Virginia Tech took the fourth-ranked team in our rankings to double overtime.

15. Boston College (15) -- 6-17 (2-8)

Maybe next week, Eagles, maybe next week.