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Maryland Minute - 2.11.14 - Washington Post to debut awesome Duke-Maryland Rivalry documentary

Also, discussing Maryland's move to the B1G, building that hometown movement in football and how men's LAX can improve, despite winning their first game 16-3.

Streeter Lecka

The Duke-Maryland rivalry: a trailer going to be epic. I'm really looking forward to it. Here are some highlights from a press release sent to Testudo Times:

As the Blue Devils and Terrapins prepare for their last regular season men's basketball game as ACC foes, The Washington Post looks back on the 2000-01 and 2001-02 college basketball seasons that defined the Duke-Maryland rivalry. Hear from Gary Williams, Juan Dixon, Steve Blake, Johnny Holliday, Michael Wilbon and more in The Post’s upcoming MD-Duke retrospective video. The full documentary will be available online February 12.

In addition to the documentary, other vignettes planned to be published include:

Bob Harris telling a Gary Williams story about a time when Gary got two techs and tossed in a game at Cameron

  • and the story about Gary's first win over Duke, as told by Johnny and Gary when Williams was sick with pneumonia and didn’t even coach and Joe Smith scored 40.
  • a Juan/Gary story about the Final Four game vs. Kansas when Juan took over the timeout and dragged Wilcox over and Gary just said "what he said" at the end of the timeout and then MD stormed back to win
  • Edsall, Terps hope for a hometown recruiting movement

    Maryland Terrapins football not planning big Big Ten transformation - ESPN
    "How Maryland fans react to their team's new league will be a subplot of the move. Rutgers' fans are overjoyed to be escaping the American, and many Nebraska fans had become annoyed with Texas' constant power plays. Terrapins fans, meanwhile, didn't want to leave the ACC, where Maryland is a charter member and has long-term rivalries." I'd say that was maybe the case initially, but I don't know if that's necessarily true now. I think more fans are in favor of the move than not. But maybe I'm wrong?

    Getting to know Maryland Terrapins before Big Ten initiation - ESPN
    Heather Dinich thinks Maryland will be "average at best" in the Big Ten. She also says this about Maryland fans' feeling about the B1G: "Weird. Very weird. I live in Maryland and can’t get used to it, and a lot of fans, of course, are focused on the impact it has on the hoops season. Many fans are indifferent, and even more are still trying to understand it. " Just shows how out of touch she is with the fan base. For the most part, the one thing Maryland fans aren't is indifferent. Maryland will soon be transiting over to ESPN's B1G blog, which means no more Dinich coverage, another positive externality about leaving the ACC.

    Calling all Maryland Terrapins and Rutgers Scarlet Knights fans - ESPN
    Just a friendly heads up that ESPN's blogs will be passing Maryland from the ACC blog to the B1G blog. Much like in football, you'll probably notice an immediate improvement in quality.

    Tillman sees room for improvement for men's lacrosse - The Diamondback : Men's Lacrosse

    It's good when you can still find flaws after a 16-3 win.