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Maryland - Virginia Game Thread

I hear all the repressed sobbing as the Terps make their last trip to Charlottesville as a member of the ACC. We here at Testudo Times feel your pain so we're giving you a forum to let all those emotions out.


Another tradition comes to a close tonight as the Terrapins make their last basketball trip to Charlottesville with their uniforms bearing the ACC logo to face the Virginia Cavaliers. The ACC was kind enough to maintain this game as a home and home so the Cavs will make the trip up Route 29 and around the Beltway to College Park next month. So what's the history here? Well, the series dates back to 1924 with Virginia doubling up the Terps 26-13 in that first game. Tonight will mark the 179th meeting between the schools. The good news is that Maryland holds a 106-72 edge all-time and is 74-54 since the founding of the ACC. The bad news Virginia has won the last five games.

On the more bad news front, since enduring a bit of a rough start to the season that included home losses to VCU and Wisconsin, the Cavaliers have been on a roll. They are second in the ACC at 10-1, they've moved up in the rankings to seventeenth in the AP poll and sixteenth in the coaches' poll. Since losing by four at Duke, the Cavs have run off seven consecutive wins. The good news, I haven't had any dreams about this game.

So what do you all think? Can Maryland somehow twist Virginia's roll into a pretzel roll? Has Seth Allen found enough in his game to make Virginia fans feel like changing the name of their building from John Paul Jones Arena to Davey Jones' Locker? Can the Terps put that same look on Tony Bennet's face? Can they make him feel like heleft his harp in Sam Clam's Disco?

As you consider these and other imponderables, here's some pre-game reading:

Once again, Dave took timeout from diaper duty (or is that dooty?) gives us his usual insights in his preview.

Alex Kirshner had his Shot Clock conversation with Paul Wiley, though I'll wager he didn't ask if today was a cold day to go Streaking the Lawn, but you'll have to read it to find out.

If you have any questions about how to watch and stream the game or other random facts, you can email Patrick Donahue and wait a couple of days for him to respond or you can read it here.

It's show time folks. Time for the Under Armour squad to sound off and represent! Be bold! Make a prediction! As for me, I'll be at the gymnastics meet because duty calls. And to the editors, there are no rhetorical questions about my sanity.