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Maryland - Virginia Tech Game Thread

It's time to talk Terps basketball. Let's see if the Terps can play a little pokey Hokie.


So, where are we in this thrill ride of a Maryland men's basketball season? Oh, right. We're about to watch the Terps take on the Virginia Tech Hokies down in Blacksburg, VA. I don't know about you all but I've already just about chewed my fingernails down to their nubs worrying whether the Terps can string together back to back wins for the first time in nearly a month.

Going into the game, it's a bad news - good news situation. The bad news is that road ACC games have been basically a house of horrors for Maryland. The good news is that Virginia Tech and its 1-7 record is at the very bottom of the ACC and when the Terps did succeed on the road, it was against one of the other bottom feeders the 2-5 BC Eagles. The bad news is that the Terps have a losing (3-4) record in Cassell Coliseum. The good news is that the Terps won in their last trip to Blacksburg coming away with a 65-60 win last February.

Is this a game the Terps should win? Well, I'll note that since defeating the mighty UMES Hawks, the Hokies have dropped seven straight with four of those losses coming at home. To help you decide based on other fact and opinion:

Take a look at who wrote the preview. It should tell you that TT seems confident.

Alex tries to beat the buzzer with his Shot Clock conversation with some good ol' boys from Gobbler Country.

It's not all about basketball but some of the TT staff had an internet gabfest in their round table.

You all didn't really think I was going to leave out Patrick's take and his advice on how to watch? Have a little faith, would ya?

Aw, hell. Get yourselves psyched. Take one last look at Dez doing it:

Now that you're ready, step right up. Make your predictions. Give a virtual cheer! Let out a virtual moan. Complain about the refs.