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Profiles in Terpage: Stephanie Giameo

A few facts about a Terps senior and 2013 All-American.


Stephanie Giameo, Senior

Courtesy Maryland Athletics


Height: 4'11"

Class: Senior

Twitter: @StephhyyG

Collegiate Career Highs: Vault: 9.875    Bars: 9.825    Beam: 9.950    Floor: 9.850    All-Around: 39.325

High School: Roselle Park

Club: ENA Paramus Gymnastics

Hometown: Roselle Park, NJ

How'd She Get to College Park?

Giameo came to Maryland after finishing ninth in the all-around at the 2011 level 10 national meet. She liked the combination of athletics and academics the school offered. She chose Maryland over Rutgers, Michigan, Cornell, and Brown.

Career Highlight: 2012 All-American on beam

Dream Season:

Stephanie returns to her sophomore form where she was an All-American on beam while also being one of the top all-around gymnasts in the Big Ten.

2014 Prospectus:

After reaching All-American status on beam as a sophomore, Giameo was frequently the only gymnast competing in all four events for Maryland last season and didn't return to that lofty AA status in her junior year. She will again be the Terps' all-around anchor but with a healthier and deeper team around her could see a return to the form she displayed in her sophomore season.

Eleven Questions:

1) Other than teammates and coaches, the best thing about being at Maryland is: The Maryland athletic family is awesome. You become friends with so many different people that you would have never expected.

2) How old were you when you started gymnastics and what was the scariest thing? I was about three and a half following in my sister's footsteps. The scariest thing was getting my toes hit with a ballet slipper by my coach, Yvette.

3) My favorite pre-meet meal is: A peanut butter sandwich.

4) My pre-meet ritual or superstition is: Rubbing the noses of the turtles in my room.

5) My pre-meet playlist is: Whatever the current hits are.

6) Gymnastics career highlight at Maryland: Being an All-American.

7) Dog, cat, or other: Other. I'm afraid of dogs - especially the ones that are bigger than me.

8) On my summer vacation I: Went to Palm Beach, FL with my family.

9) My favorite Maryland sport to attend is: Anything I can get to. I love supporting Maryland Athletics.

10) List your gymnastics related injuries:

Seventh grade, stress fracture in my back so I was in a back brace for over a year.

Senior year of high school: Partial tear of my forearm muscles

And a few sprained ankles. That's about it. I've been very fortunate.

11) If people know only one thing about me, I'd like it to be: That I always try to have a positive attitude and make everybody happy.