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Profiles in Terpage: Nikki Chung

A close up look at a gymnast who followed the Australian pipeline to College Park.

Courtesy Maryland Athletics

Nikki Chung, Sophomore

Courtesy Maryland Athletics


Height: 5'3"

Class: Sophomore

Twitter: None

Collegiate Career Highs: Vault: 9.825     Bars: 9.775

High School: West Australian Institute of Sport

Club: West Australian Institute of Sport

Hometown: Perth, Western Australia, Australia

How'd She Get to College Park?

After a very long flight, Nikki chose Maryland over Rutgers and Ohio State.

Career Highlight: Set a personal best on vault at the 2014 NCAA Regional

Dream Season:

Solidifies one of the middle spots on the vault and earns her way into the beam and bars rotations.

2014 Prospectus:

Nikki should be a standout on the vault for the Terps. As a freshman, Coach Nelligan generally slotted her second but she showed that she likes the spotlight when she registered her two highest scores of the season in the EAGL Championship and then bettered that in the NCAA Tournament. Expect to see her in the later half of the vault rotation in 2015.

Eleven Questions:

1) Other than teammates and coaches, the best thing about being at Maryland is: I love that it's a big school, it's chokka, and it's always chirping.

2) How old were you when you started gymnastics and what was the scariest thing? I was turning nine so I was a really late starter and didn't have a fear of anything.

3) My favorite pre-meet meal is: Peanut butter and jelly on a bagel.

4) My pre-meet ritual or superstition is: I don't have one.

5) My pre-meet playlist is: I don't have one of those, either.

6) Gymnastics career highlight not at Maryland: Competing on the 2011 World's team for Australia. That was pretty awesome.

7) Dog, cat, or other: Dog.

8) On my summer vacation I: Went home and it was winter so everyone was in exams. My parents were away so I was the stay at home mom for my brothers and my dog. The second half of the summer I met up with my parents who were in Europe and did some touring. It was good fun.

9) My favorite Maryland sport to attend is: Football unless the weather's cold and I like basketball.

10) List your gymnastics related injuries:

At Olympics trials in 2012, I tore my left ACL and two ligaments in my right ankle.

11) If people know only one thing about me, I'd like it to be: That I'm Australian and I didn't know Brad Craddock growing up because Adelaide is 2,700 kilometers (1,680 miles) from Perth.