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Highlights from Maryland's win over Bowie State

Check out some of the top plays from yesterday's win

Note: The highlight video is above, where the picture usually is. TerpsTV is...finicky, so you may have trouble, especially on a mobile device.

The Terps played their final exhibition yesterday, defeating Division II Bowie State 89-47. Jake Layman led the way with 18 points and seven rebounds and Dion Wiley, Jared Nickens and Dez Wells all added double-figures.

Maryland also started a bigger lineup, going with Layman, Michal Cekovsky, Jon Graham, Wells and Melo Trimble to open the game. Graham finished with 11 rebounds but Dodd fouled out after 16 minutes. Here's some of the top plays of the game, courtesy of Maryland Athletics.

Of note in the highlights:

  • Transition pass from Cekovsky leads to a Dez dunk to open up the game's scoring
  • A couple fast-break jams from Jake Layman
  • Threes and pull-up jumpers for days
  • Good ball movement around the perimeter
  • Three of Melo's game-high five assists on the day

For more on the game, be sure to check out Alex's takeaways post and notes and quotes from postgame. If you missed last week's highlights post, you can find it here.