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Video/GIF highlights from Maryland's win over Fordham

Check out GIFs and video from the win over Fordham

The Terps defeated Fordham 66-50 on Thursday night. Freshman Jared Nickens led the team in scoring with 13 points and six rebounds, while junior Jake Layman added 12 points.

We've got highlight video above for you (which may or may not work, especially on mobile) to relive the best moments of the game, but we've also got GIFs of some of the night's top plays! *All video courtesy of TerpsTV

Here's the Terps using some nifty ball movement to get a wide open Layman for a three:


Richaud Pack uses a nice fake to drive under the hoop and past another defender for an easy two:


The Terps go Dez-Jake-Dez on a double team and Wells takes it to the hoop:


The first of Jake Layman's two big dunks on the night:


And the second! This time the two-handed slam:


But Jake can't have all the dunk fun. Here's Michal Cekovsky getting in on the action with an aggressive slam. The freshman finished with six points and five rebounds in this one.