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Highlights from Maryland's win over San Francisco State

How did the Terps look in their exhibition? We've got you covered.

With many Maryland fans focused on the football team taking down Penn State for the first time since 1961, many missed out on the men's basketball team beating San Francisco State at the XFINITY Center yesterday. And if you did try to check out the game, you probably couldn't, thanks to an onsite technical glitch that prevented fans who paid to subscribe to Big Ten Network Plus from being able to actually see the game.

But fear not, for we have highlights from Saturday night's game for you to enjoy!

Some takeaways:

  • Jake Layman driving to the hoop! That's something we've been waiting to see.
  • Wow, Melo Trimble gets his shots up quickly.
  • Not really a surprise against this level of competition, but good to see Damonte Dodd being so active against interior shots.
  • Jared Nickens, Richaud Pack and Dion Wiley also have smooth shooting form. This team could make a lot of shots this year against zones like this one.
  • Dez Wells looks like Dez Wells -- just with a different uniform number.