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3 more takeaways from Maryland's win over Central Connecticut State

Maryland did something they haven't done since 2006 on Monday evening.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland defeated another team they should have defeated Monday evening, cruising to a 93-57 win over Central Connecticut State. But they're also beating these teams the way they should beat them. It's also great to see a team that is more willing to making an extra pass, and not play selfishly or throw up a shot with 30 seconds left on the shot clock. So what can we takeaway from last night's win?

Maryland hasn't had back to back dominant games in a long time

With their win Monday evening, Maryland won back to back games to start the season for the first time since 2011. Then there are these stats, from the always knowledgeable stat history guru, Patrick Stevens:

Can we take TOO much away from these games? Maybe, maybe not. But those two stats seem to indicate there is at least some significance with how this team has played so far. They appear, so far, to be a step above some of the past teams. But a lot of things can obviously factor into that. But still, Maryland just hasn't been a dominat team in a while, but perhaps that will be different this season, especially when they're playing against lesser competition. We'll have to see how they do next week in the CBE Classic. After that point, we might be able to talk about whether this team is the best team of the Mark Turgeon era.

Dez Wells takes over when needed

The game was never really in doubt Monday night, but Wells seemed to take over when his teammates went into a bit of an offensive slump. The net result? 27 points on 10/15 shooting, including going 3/3 from beyond the arc. Wells seemed very comfortable in the offense this season, especially when playing at the three, and also didn't attempt to force up too many shots, knowing he can trust his teammates.

Oh and he also made a ridiculous dunk during the game.

via ESPN3

Maryland is doing a great job sharing the ball

As Pete noted in his recap Monday night, Maryland seems to be a much better passing team this season. And they're seeing the benefits of that ball sharing with the number of assists they had tonight, racking up 15 and just 10 turnovers. They can still cut down on their turnovers, but this year's team seems to be much more willing to share the ball, make the extra pass and find the open man. If they can do it throughout the season, the Terps should be a very good team this year.

A few additional takeaways

  • Dion Wiley is very good and should be a big contributor for this team
  • Damonte Dodd has committed just two fouls so far this season. Hopefully he can continue that trend, as frequent fouling limited his minutes and production last season.
  • Maryland's defense has been good. Opponents are shooting just 31% from the floor against the Terps
  • Maryland is also blocking a lot of shots, picking up 12 so far on the season.