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Maryland basketball sets goals in second episode of 'We Will'

The great new program takes you behind the scenes again.

Maryland released the second episode of their basketball reality show/web series "We Will" Tuesday, giving another behind-the-scenes look at the program under Coach Turgeon. You can find the video above.

Led by Coach Turgeon, the players came up with a list of goals the team promises to accomplish -- they range from on-the-court achievements ("go to the Dance," "take care of the ball," "protect this house,") to off-the-court ("be on time," "trust each other," "earn respect)."

Here's the full list:

One thing that has stood out through two episodes is the leadership of Robert Carter, Jr. As teachers and coaches know, it can be difficult to get college-aged kids to engage in these kind of exercises, but both in the first episode and now in this one, Carter has taken an important role in starting the conversation.

Here's the first episode, for those that missed it.