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Episode 1 of the #SussSpence Show somehow lives up to the hype

We need more of this. Now.

We knew it was coming, and it's finally here: the first episode of the #SussSpence show, starting Maryland walk-ons Jacob Susskind and Spencer Barks, has finally arrived. The two players interviewed their teammates at Media Day, and the video is available right here.

UPDATE: The video has been removed for some reason, but the Diamondback has a partial transcript.


  • Jake Layman's egg sandwich recipe, and Spencer Barks turning an interview into an opportunity to request some grub.
  • Dion Wiley's "alternate name," also known as a student e-mail mix up.
  • Every single player saying that if they had to choose between passing to an open Barks or an open Susskind with two seconds left, they would shoot it. Every single one. Without hesitation.
  • Nearly every player getting stumped when asked who the Vice President is -- funny things can happen when you get put on the spot on camera. Extra points to Jared Nickens for his answer and Melo Trimble for his recovery.
  • Spencer Barks wanting Melo Trimble's haircut, and Melo's response.
  • Absolutely nothing being included from the trailer. That's not a dig on the trailer, it's just pretty great they made a trailer with nothing from the show.
  • Above all else, Barks and Susskind's comedic timing. Let's get more of this show, PLEASE.