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Maryland vs. San Francisco State Gamethread

Yes it's an exhibition game, but basketball season is finally back, y'all!


Who is ready to talk some basketball while talking some football?

Maryland tips off their season against San Francisco State today at 2:00. The game will give us our first glimpses of the Terps' new freshman, as well as transfer guard Richaud Pack. We'll also see who Mark Turgeon's starting five will be for the first time. And we'll get to see how Maryland deals with Evan Smotrycz's absence.

At the end of the day, this won't be a close game. But it should provide us with a starting point for talking more about Maryland basketball's first season in the B1G, which is exciting. Here are some exciting stories for you to read about today's game against San Francisco State.

How to Watch today's game

Three things to watch for in today's game

All of our season preview coverage of this year's team

Maryland honored former basketball manager Zach Lederer on Thursday. Bring your tissues for this one.

You have to check out the Suss-Spence Show that Spencer Barks and Jacob Susskind created.