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Terps trail Buckeyes, 14-3, after first quarter

Ohio State's running game gashed its way to a 14-3 Buckeyes lead over Maryland after one quarter at Byrd Stadium.

The Buckeyes ran for 98 yards on 16 carries over parts of three drives in the quarter. The Maryland defense had not yet made a stop as of the end of the period. Rod Smith scored on a one-yard run, and Jalin Marshall caught a nine-yard score in the back of the end zone from quarterback J.T. Barrett.

Brad Craddock hit a 57-yard field goal for Maryland, breaking a previous school record of 54 yards.

C.J. Brown, returning as Maryland's starting quarterback, struggled with accuracy. He missed P.J. Gallo, Stefon Diggs and Jacquille Veii on three different attempts that would have gone for first downs. Gallo and Veii, on back to back plays, were open enough to get big yardage gains, but Brown couldn't hit them.

A somewhat late-arriving Byrd Stadium filled up well as the quarter progressed.